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October 05, 2019


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In Portland, Radio was King when 91-wonderful and Super 62-kaygeedoubleyou were duking it out for top spot in early 1970's.
Ahhh, those were the days!!!

Hey, Former Sales MRG, ♡YES♡, but I think the late 60s were even more fun between those two Portland icons of the airwaves. DJ's were Rock Stars too! Of, course, I still miss the live band that KOIN had when they still had an in house radio station. I think real people, in your hometown was so much richer.

The late 60s and the 70s were truly enhabced by 91derful KISN, and the rockin djs, and KGW radio, I also got into KGON, and KVAN monomaniacs.. The kids who have come along after the end of KISN on 10th and Burnside, have been denied real pleasure, passing and waving at the guys, holding up notes asking them to play your song, maybe a dedication, ahh, such memories we were blessed with....

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