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October 12, 2019


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tower records,
for what its worth records,
crystal ship
everybodys records
and djs sound city (mostly 8 tracks)

6th Ave Records, Meier Franks, Fred Meyer. Loved 6th Ave Records store


Music Millennium
6th Ave
Meier & Frank


During the summer of '61 KEX had a rock 'n roll format and was promoting it by running a 24 hour, around the clock, "Name It and Claim It" contest.... the line was so busy you actually could yell over the busy tone and talk to other people who were also calling in!

I was able to get through a few dozen times and nabbed many excellent songs that summer, To claim them you were sent to the great 6th Avenue Records to pick them up. One 45 in particular I remember "winning" was "Mother in Law" by the legendary Earnie K-Doe; I still have it!

Later my best friend and record nut, Paul, introduced me to Madrona Records which was around the block from 6th Avenue and was owned by Tom Grant's father, Al. It was an old school joint with R&B and Jazz cuts you couldn't get elsewhere. I discovered "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow in a dusty bin there a year before it hit in '62. I still have it!

Music Millennium
Everybody's Records
Music Millennium
Tower Records
Music Millennium

DJ's Sound City, Washington Square - Tim Ream.
DJ's Sound City, Jantzen Beach - Terry Currier.

The record department at Meier & Frank, downtown. They carried everything and if they didn't have it they'd get it.

Music Millenium
Fred Meyer
Meier & Frank downtown Crystal Ship!!! The two top, Music Millenium, and CrystalShip!!

Thought "Hunters" at Eastport Plaza before I read where the photo was taken. Music Millennium, Tower. My father even bought his bagpipe albums at Hunter's.

Back in the late 50's there was a small record store on SE Division St., a few blocks west of 41st. It was on the south side of Division. I have no recollection of the name, but I bought all of my 45s and albums there for a couple of years when I lived in the neighborhood.

Patrick Carroll

Hey john, maybe you need to post here something like "I bought my records at (wherever) because they didn't have any boring soccer teams."

I did forget to put down music millenium! how odd.

Gentry's Appliance Store(!) in beautiful downtown Gresham. After it folded, the Fred Meyer in not-so-bad-then Rockwood.

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