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November 14, 2019


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She was truly a classy lady, Gracie Allen Burns... George never married again, he went to her grave at least once a week,and talked to her, filled her in on his week, thoughts, etc.. His 'Googie".... a great love. Do you notice how she always wore longer sleeves? It was because shed been burned badly on one arm as a young girl, and wsas embarrassed by it, so she kept it covered. And she spoke FLUENT Irish/Gaelic. She was a fair Irish lass....may they both rest together in eternaal blessed joy. Oh, and George never performed without his cigar, except once.. he did the 'Donny and Marie' show, and left his cigar behind. Respectful gentleman.

both of them oozed style and grace! no pun intended! we have nothing like them today and never will! r.i.p.

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