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November 20, 2019


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It looks like a high school yearbook picture and not from the Senior Graduating Class. I'm thinking that Salesky must have been that nerdy kid who wore a coat and tie to school every day...including on the day they took the Freshman Class photos.

its a toss up between dave and rod hill on kgw. I like them both.

Did they call him Blue to go with Sale Sky?

john, that wasnt the point. I like them, as well, although therell never be another Jack Capell, or even a Boz, and we cannot forget the wonderful Bob, the Weather Cat.. My bet is that Salesky was at best a high school sophomore, total science dweeb, and trying to be a bmog..cute kid, but GEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your right jan there will never be another boz! when he said snow we had snow!

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