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November 21, 2019


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2 dollar admission? ha! even the beer prices are 10 dollars now!

Bring on Paul Revere and the Raiders, and we can have a GREAT time! I detest 'Louie, Louie', myself.. bar bands, every break.... too many years while tending bar....

I'm thinking that this is the Kingsmen band formed by Jack Ely after Lynn Easton's mom trademarked the name and fired Ely and moved her son from drums to lead singer. Easton wasn't much of a singer, especially as the frontman for a rock 'n' roll band.

Easton mère sued Ely and forced him to stop using the name. But the joke was on her as the Kingsmen never achieved the fame of Louie, Louie.

Only 41 days left of 2019.

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