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November 30, 2019


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Never got a chance to see, my parents gagged at the concept of going to see this,and 'have to listen to that "g.d.HIPPIE sh*t!!!' And when I finally could drive, with a car, dont think these were around.. '74?

The electronics that made this possible were pretty basic. Any high school kid with a subscription to Popular Electronics could pull it off for a few bucks. It essentially just took running a signal through a silicon controlled rectifier.

Simple or not, the KISN Carol Tree was one of the best promos KISN did all year. Lots of fun to sit for hours w. date in 55 Chev post and watch/listen and visit, etc. Then back to cruising Broadway! Or Yaw's for french fries and gravy.
GREAT times!!

we had a great time going out and watching and listening to the kisn carol tree,lots of memories.

loved seeing it! what a marvel of the times!

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