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November 11, 2019


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As a true veteran, I love (sarcasm folks) how Dumb Dotard tries to make himself out to be so behind the military. How behind the military was he when his daddy paid off a doctor to phony up "bone spurs" tp get him a 4F deferment 50 years ago? Yeah, let that sink in.

What branch of the United States Armed Forces did Barry Obama, Bubba Clinton, Bernie the Socialist Sanders serve in again? Can Mr. Dump or one of his sycophants answer this?

First, let me say a giant THANK YOU to all vets, past and present. All of my uncles and my dad were vets. Second, I am personally insulted that Orange SH*tStain and his turd sucking POS were ALLOWED at such a hallowed space, to show such dishonour to the fine people who stood up for their country, unlike FIVE TIME Cadet BoneSpurs! I can imagine any of them even at an enlistment oddice, theyd crap themselves so hard, we woud win any war via suffocation from it. Three colds and a hole for each and every one of these slime chuggers.

You need to walk in a veteran's boot before you write or talk about Mr. Trump. He has done more for the service and vets in less than 3 years than the last, whatever he was for 8 years. The help I got from Mr. Trump and the White House saved my life and others. I tried to get help with the Dem Senators in WA State, but all they help is with the illegals. Wake up before it is to late, from a 3rd generation Vet!

Okay, Pete. I walked in a soldier's boots and veterans too and I think that Trump is the sorriest excuse for a man -- let alone a president -- ever. While I was serving during a little dust-up called Vietnam, Dotard was sitting in his Queens mini-mansion at the pleasure of his daddy's ill-gotten fortune.

When it comes to military and veterans issues, Dotard talks a good game, but delivery is wanting. From his BS veterans fundraiser during the campaign until today, Dotard has done nothing for American servicemen and women. He is a POS.

pete, I come from a long line of veterans. I was raised to honour all vets. The only thing Orange Sh*tStain and his cronies are out for is themselves, and to a lesser degree, repuklicants. NOT ONE self respecting veteran I knew would accept this FIVE TIME DRAFT DODGER, whose daddy bought a docctor to LIE and say Cadet Assface had bonespurs.A REAL man would have gone in service.NOT ONE DUMP has done so, for generations. Preach to fellow repuklicants. Thank you and your serving ancestors for your service. Oh, One of my uncles was in Battle of the Bulge, dad was part of the Mighty 8th, USAAF, WWII. Eighth Air Forces.

Pete is obviously a troll, paid to spread lies and hate. What on earth would veteran's services have to do with non-veterans, be they American citizens or not? Uh, nothing? Duh.

Hey- Stumptown Blogger made the paid troll's list! You rock, SB!

That picture of Dumb (or Dumber?) with the cigar should be listed in Wikipedia under DOUCHEBAG, for those who don't know the modern meaning. It speaks volumes.

Donny Douchebag Jr. looks like every ignorant selfish greedy vacuous bad guy Carl Hiaasen has written about in his great novels. Even if you had never heard of Junior, one look at that picture and you know he's pond slime.

Badkitty, doesnt that hurt pond slimes felings? Orange Sh*tStain was booed at the Vets Parade.. LMAO.. and by the way, did you see in todays Boregonian how strangers showed up for services for two men whod served, passed, and were unclaimed? More should do that.. That is TRUE patriotism, and love!!! Beautiful!! Thanks, VETS!

America needs to pay attention NOW!
We are under the greatest threat to democracy since World War II.
allegedly the most corrupt in the country's history- is trashing people's lives and the world.
There is a mentally unstable pompous buffoon with orange hair in charge of the nukes!

THANK YOU! We are NOT COMMUNIST RUSSIANS! Our ancestors did NOT offer their lives for this country to hand us off to RUSSIA!ORANGE SH*TSTAIN AND HIS CLOWNS HAVE GOT TO GO!! Vote Blue!!Vote INTELLIGENCE!!!!

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