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November 20, 2019


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This series was initially aimed at adults, hence the evening airtime. They smoked, drank, and did other adult activities, and following the censorship of the day, Wilma and Fred slept in separate beds, s did Barney and Betty. Surprisingly wholesome, when viewed now, in this day of debauchery and filth airing.. I was startled to hera the euphemism for 'feces' used, now Im hearing 'f&^k' on cable channels, when children can be viewing!TOO much!!

yup, this was when people thought smoking was cool! but a few years later people started dying and then they found out smoking wasn't so cool!

The Flintstones being one of the most popular children's TV shows of the 60's had their characters Fred, Barney, and Wilma all smoke Winston cigarettes in TV commercials, and had them sing the "Winston's taste good like a cigarette should" jingle. You can view these on YouTube

I never knew until I read it a few years ago that The Flintstones TV show was modeled after the idea of transporting Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows' Ralph and Alice Kramden characters to the Stone Age. Fred's blustery ways were a take-off on Ralph Kramden and Wilma served as the level-headed Alice, always roping her fanciful husband back down to earth. Barney and his wife were the Ed and Trixie Norton faithful neighbors/friends.

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