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November 14, 2019


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Fuller's Coffee Shop is better...

ah eating good food is over rated..... we need another 20 story apartment building! that's the trick!

and condos, john, dont forget thos uber high priced, vomited up condos!!Maybe the business owners can find another place, and reopen there....Im waiting for Billy HeartBeats to reopen in a new place, after Lloyd Centre ran em out....

john, rest assured that if there's a market for another 20-story apartment building, it will be built. That's the way it works.

This is an older, one-story building in an area that's reaching skyward. The land it sits on is probably worth way more than the rent being paid by this restaurant and the other tenants and more than their little businesses can afford.

Maybe you can save the building, john. All you have to do is offer the building owner more than the worth of the land and then you can tell all the tenants that you've saved their businesses.

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