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November 13, 2019


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Portland gets rid of the good things and keeps the bad things! so sad!

The 1925 building that was The Irvington was not torn down but, became retail and restaurant space. Located at 1337 NE Broadway The Irvington sign is still on the building as shown in this photo.

the sign is still there but the old theater building was replaced. now its just another sushi joint!

john, dead on. To hell with history, quality construction, and beauty, lets bend over for fugly, vomited up developer happy trash, and condos nobody but the weaplthy can afford, jack rents up so high, average people end up on the streets homeless, with families, and sit back so you can pat each other on the backs.. thanks Teddy WheelerDealer!!! SLEAZEBALLS!!!!!!!

John this photo was taken in 1975 when Tommy was playing at The Irvington located at 1337 NE Broadway. The City of Portland site Portland Maps shows this building was built in 1925 and was not torn down, but has been renovated for the current tenants.

Small neighborhood theaters are kaput. Even the Westgate in Beaverton which -- along with the Eastgate -- was a suburban, multi-screen, first-run house, has been torn down. Replaced by a 16-screen behemoth just up the street.

People don't want to go to these small theaters anymore. If you want to assess blame for the demise of the Irvington, blame the people.

The St Johns on N Lombard is stil hanging in!!!Even though St Johns has become white collar horse 'after meals', and everything that was SJ is leaving that Titanic, the cinema still exists!!The former balcony is now a 2d screen, they serve in seat, it was nice, last I was there.. and dont forget Slims bar.

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