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November 13, 2019


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they were a great band.

Our boys, having a great time...this is the RAIDERS!!!!

Anyone remember the name of the guy in the back between Paul and Fang?


Thanks Stumpie, indeed it is.

Drake Levin, early lead guitar.

This is the Raiders. The Raiders effectively ended when Drake Levin and Phil Volk left the band, quickly followed by Mike Smith. Freddy Weller and Keith Allison were nowhere near as talented.

A probably apocryphal story: After a performance at the Spanish Castle in Seattle, a young man who had watched from the front of the stage came up to Levin and said his playing had inspired him. Levin thanked him and asked the guy what his name was and the guy said, "Jimi Hendrix."

Agreed, these were THE RAIDERS.Freddy Weller went on to try and make it as a country solo, but fizzled out, Keith Allison.. ???I still plan to catch all the bands and solos Ive missed here when I finally leave this niightmare, and go Home..then Ill see Paul and the Raiders!!! Beatles!SOO many....

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