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November 23, 2019


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The son was Adam. He was born toward the end of the show when the numbers were starting to crumble. That could be why you don't remember him. Like a lot of TV kids, he passed through infancy to toddler quickly. Toddlers are infinitely cuter (on TV) that pooping infants.

If you watch SVU, think Noah Benson. He was adopted by Olivia Benson, spent a season as an infant and came back as a talking toddler. He has grown so quickly that he has been portrayed by a set of twins (as an infant) and two other actors to grow him more quickly.

he sure played second fiddle to Tabitha, 19 epps for him vs 103 epps for Tabitha!

Notice, if you will, the joy, the light, in Liz Montgomery's eyes in the 1st pic, with the late fabulous Dick York. There was true love of friends there, as well as coworkers, they blended well. Agnes Moorehead and Paul Lynde were fond of Dick York, as well, which changed quickly when he had to step down for health reasons, and Dick Sargent took over, he was extremely unpopular, there was no chemistry, and his being closeted gay did not help. Adam was a rather unpopular addition in hopes of keeping interest, bringing it back, to a dying show. And it may be my eye, but I would say it seems Sargent has some green eyeliner on his left upper lid. hat makes me gag is he was their first choice for Darrin, but was unavailable.. thank gods.

Bewitched ran for 8 seasons (9/17/64 thru 3/25/72) during season 6 on the episode that aired on 10/16/69 Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) gave birth to Adam Stephens. Elizabeth Montgomery was really pregnant with her 3rd child during filming this season, so this is how Adam became a character, that was played by a uncredited infant. Early in the 7th season a older Adam was played twin brothers David & Greg Lawrence, but the Adam character was never developed as a major cast member.

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