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November 07, 2019


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Losing these is a travesty!! This is a part of history, and history is forgotten, and ignored, by too many as it is!!! I always had problems with history in school, as it didnt mean much to me, but I did learn some things. Thats part of todays problem, its old, who gives a....?

I worked on a temporary assignment in the Pittock Building and there was one there. That was a couple of years ago. Cool building.

The Medical Dental Building at 833 SW 11th Ave still has one in the lobby.

Hotel Deluxe (The Former Mallory) still has theirs

The old, beautiful architecture, that which hasnt been obliterted by assholes for greed and stupidity, will most likely have these..

Jann, history doesn't stop. What happened yesterday is history today. But think where we'd be if history did stop. To be completely arbitrary, say it stopped at my dad's 10th birthday.

There'd be no Internet and no Stumptown Blogger, no TV, you'd be listening to ship to shore radio on your crystal set.

If your family had a telephone, it'd probably be one of those candlestick affairs, you'd have to ring up the operator to make a long-distance call to the other side of town.

Maybe, if you were wealthy you'd have a refrigerator in your home kitchen, but more likely you'd get regular visits from the iceman.

Oh, and women wouldn't be allowed to wear pants, voting would be a new experience, and you'd not be allowed to speak your mind. Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen would be your role.

Joel, there are some things that need to be preserved. Too much greedd in the world.. like the a%%holes who think its fun to go murde innocent large animals to extinction.. I laugh myself sick when I hear one got it back!!

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