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November 16, 2019


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its been decades since I was there, always thought the design of the building with the jug was a neat idea.

Wasn`t that on Sandy bout 75th or so?

Always wanted to go in there, even if it was a dive, itd been betterthan the pits I worked, "beautiful downtown Kenton", in the 80s....never got a chance....Bob didnt like to go in some places with 'a girl', like Union Jacks, even though I tended bar in a strip club....

jann did you work the Kenton club? or Kenton station?

My google box says 7427, so "yes" about 75th or so.
Seems like long time ago it used to be owned by Grant HS football coach.


7417 NE Sandy. That's why it was called the Sandy Jug. Look at the sign over the door. It has been known as Pirate Cove since early in the century and, according to Google, still features the women who like to get naked.

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