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November 16, 2019


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Wasnt this Webb Pierces Cadillac? I recall all the silver dollars, in various places, and I think I recall it was Pierce.. only country and western was allowed in our house growing up.. SO glad there were transistor radios, ear pieces, and plethoras of 9v batteries!!!

Since that's Webb Pierce standing at the door, I'd guess you're spot on.

Country music artists tended to be so ostentatious back in the day. That suit Pierce is wearing looks to be one of the creations of a guy whose name was actually Nudie. Nudie makes vainglorious clothing.

Ok, I thought it was Webb Pierce, but the 'album covers', I took as covers of the songs by other artists. And I do believe that is a Nudie suit. Nudie was etemely popular with the ostentatious and famous, Porter Wagoner used to have his costumes made custom by Nudie.

Webb had a set of Texas Longhorns welded onto the front of one of his Cadillacs back in the day...Guess it must have been legal.


This book is celebrating the art of album covers (this one being a great example).

It is not discussing cover songs (though that might be an interesting subject to explore).

It is a flaw of language that words often have many meanings and we are simply left to decipher the best we can.

Don't give up!

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