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December 13, 2019


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Great stuff & very useful!!! Thanx Dave!!

You do get around, that's a certainty. But I do have a quibble with one item on your list. That's the "Best Local TV News Site" category. Channel 8's website is okay, they do have far and away the best weather information.

But, BUT, there should be no confusion, KGW-TV News has taken a major shift downward since Joe Donlon and Tracy Berry packed up. News Director Rick Jacobs leaving also didn't help.

Laurel Porter does an okay job anchoring the evening news, but that no-talent they brought in from Texas just sucks.

Great tips, thanks. Very glad to see Willy Vlautin recognized, love his books. If you touched on best local music acts his bands Richmond Fontaine and the Delines should be in the running!

Very good list. I printed it! The Ringside is better than ever now. I agree. Want to try your Taco places. THANKS for the excellent list.

Sure beats Willamette Weeks best list. I don't really care about best plant lady.

My brother read the book "Stolen" It was a nasty slice of history that he had no clue about. Best burger is Killer Burger, but that's opinion and everyone has one about best burgers. Ringside was a memory until I read this. I will use the home repair person. That tip is weight in gold. One category to add in 2020 would be Best clothier and best florist. Thanks. Love your web site. I don't comment much but look at it twice daily. Kenny.

Didn't Duberry Restaurant have a major rat problem?

no beer review dave? I thought you lived in Portland? lol! wow! so many good brews here!

Best burger is Helvatia Tavern.

As I am particular about some terms, I must attack your 'could care les', re: Brewery.. if one could care, its stted as such, but if you, as I, do not drink beer, and have no interest, it is 'couldnt care less'. I havent touched beer, aside from cooking, or serving, in over 30 yr. Music Millenium, DEAD on.. and I do look forward to reading "Stolen". Thanks, Dave..JannM

Sherman's in Palm Springs - great call. I once saw a 300 pound guy who looked like a frog slurping matzo ball soup, napkin spread over his chest, on a 110 degree day. That's Sherman's. Best corned beef sandwich this side of paradise. Good luck eating it all.

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