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December 13, 2019


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Dang! Where does the time go? This doesn't seem like 20 years ago.

remember the y2k doomsdayers? lol! now we have greta! wonder whats next? so many end of the world events. but we just keep on truckin.

John. You are very misinformed. I would suggest you read NASA’s findings of where we will be in ten short years or ALL of the leading scientists in the world. You are a danger to generations ahead of us.

that hurts mr. stump! I worked my whole life, I don't own any guns! I pay my bills and try to live a good honest life and bother nobody! I have only memories of most things I grew up with I can assure you I am a danger to nobody!

im pretty sure I will still be here in 10 more years, I look forward to saying I told ya when nothing happens. remember when they said peak oil was 20 years ago? #oops all they want is our money!

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