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December 11, 2019


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Guess who immediately Tweeted that it was a lousy choice?

Okay, it wasn't Trump, it was his equally moronic child, Junior. Apparently, he, like Daddy Drumpf, thinks that the POTY is the greatest person on Earth. He doesn't understand that the honor goes to a person who makes news, that even their Hero Adolf was MOTY.

That's probably why Dotard had several phony Time covers with him as POTY made up and then hung them at his golf courses. For the record, Dotard was never POTY, even when he was elected POTUS and that really pissed the jerk off (see what I did there 😉.) What a bunch of yokels.

IMO, Joel, the two imbeciles tie for POSOM.. pile of (excrement) of the Millenium.. POTUS also works, piece of Sh*t united states version.... and from the body language of the first trollop, I begin to wonder id barron is truly a Dump, or was blessed with the genes of a real man....?

Oh look sycophants 1 and 2 chimed in with their drivel.... Two homeless cripple losers....

Person of the Year my ass!
More like Juvenile Delinquent of the Year.
She's basically a rabble rouser who leads impressionable 10-15 yr olds out of their classrooms (where they belong) to cause trouble instead of being in class learning from qualified, educated teachers.
Wish I subscribed to Time so I could canx my subscription!

Oh, my, we have an idiot whose attempted jibes are even lamer than johns defences of his favourite POS.Bobo, if you dont like whats said, no one sent you a forced invitation to be here. I hold degrees from college, what do you possess? Such witty repartee? City Team accepts such as you.

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