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December 06, 2019


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Do you begin to understand why we need to impeach and remove Dotard? He couldn't be a worse president if he wanted to be...and the asswipe thinks he's the greatest.

As a bonus, we get to rid ourselves of boobs like Purdue. Pence will be told either he cleans up Dotard's mess or he will be gone for sure in November. No guessing, it'll be a done deal. Of course, no one wants Pence anyway, but it'll be fun letting him think he actually would have a chance.

Now, the simple fact is, Moscow Mitch and Company will never convict dipwad Donnie. But what we will discover is which Republican Senators are beholden to the moron-in-chief and then we can work to get rid of them. Any Senator who votes not to convict should be taken out either next year or in 2022. Make the miscreants pay for their arrogance.

I agree with Joel 100%, but I worry Russia has already done their deed with our election process. Again. We should sue for having our right to fair elections taken away from us. And why was Ivanka granted patents for voting machines from China? (Not to mention using daddy's position to further her personal businesses. Again.)

Funny how a man having an affair with another consenting adult was deemed "impeachable", but a trump caught red-handed repeatedly obstructing justice, tampering with witnesses, bribing, lying, cheating, and stealing is not.

And widdle donnie is in trouble (again) for siphoning campaign donations to his own self and pushing to give a big trump donor a $400 MILLION national contract to build his wall of shame, even though the company's proposed wall was not up to standards and the company has a record of more than $1 MILLION in fines for environmental and tax violations (no wonder trump loves them), and the former co-owner was sentenced to 37 months in prison for tax fraud (which is less prison time than a black man gets for stealing a candy bar).

What happened to justice for all? 'Cause we ain't gettin' none.

Badkitty, its become justice for all whio kiss Orange Sh*tStains ass. If youre a slime licking Repuklicant, sure, you get more of what ya got. Democrat, firk you.Somebody needs to start targeting the slime, and get them to understand do what is RIGHT, or pay the consequences, and pay very, very dearly.

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