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December 05, 2019


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In grade school in the 1950s, that was the main Oregon industry.

That couldve built my house here, and one at the beach,........

Could have built the two houses you mention and 100's more!
The chain links are as big as the man's boots!
That's the biggest log raft I've ever seen!!

Ok, we need these logs, and a plethor of hard working individuals intelligent enough to understand what theyre instructed, and willing to do so, to build a boatload of housing for the truly low income, and homelesss families. Drug testing will be required, been there, done that, selling merch for the tours.. no drugs, no alkies.

But, Jann are you not just then building a boatload of housing for the druggies and allies?

How many will sign up for this odious chore?

Maybe Jimmy Carter?

most of the logs today are shipped to japan and other places! sad!

daniel, the requirements would be frequent UAs. I have almost 14 yr clean from drugs, very rarely drink anymore, and dont even smoke anymore. The way housing prices have gone ballistic here, and wages stagnated, dont you think we could use real income based, decent housing? I tried to start a petition years ago, while homeless, to get Wapato opened for homeless, particularly single women and women with children, but for naught. Never got the info to start a petition. I hope the city idiots wake up, and accept Schnitzer's offer..fast.

Let's be honest here. The timber industry is nowhere near what it was 50 years ago in Oregon. According to the Oregon Blue Book, the natural resources based economy has transitioned into a mix of high-tech based manufacturing and marketing.

In fact, of the five Oregon companies that placed on the Fortune 1000, three -- Nike, Lithia Motors, and Columbia Sportswear -- are marketing companies. One -- Greenbrier -- is a heavy manufacturing company. The fifth is PGE. The numerous Timber companies that used to populate this list have either left the state (and lost position) -- GP -- or ceased to exist Evans Products or diversified out of timber -- WTD.


I am impressed by your sobriety and hope the best for you. But, your path is not the only way.

One of the things that makes Bud Clark Commons a successful comprehensive program for the addicted homeless population is that it is a "wet" facility... the residents can choose to continue to use drugs and alcohol while living there, while almost all other of these kinds of facilities demand abstinence and punish their clientele when they fail.

What good is a urine test if all it does is reveal a truth?

Also, Wapato is a red herring: There are three times the number of vacant homes in the USA than there are homeless individuals.

So, why are people camping on sidewalks?

daniel, thank you, I do not recommend my way of getting clean. I also agree that the "zombie' homes that are sitting to rot need be opened up for people, cheap rent, work to get them back to livable, etc.. it would certainly get people off the streets, those that actually are willing and interested, clean up squat houses, and put money in the city's coffers.. I have suggested that, as well, for years,but as usual, I am ignored. Patton 'Home', in N Portland, is supposed to be clean and sober, for low income, income restricted.. I used to live there, and I could point out a number of dunks and druggies at any time.. Sad. And the last "manager' was utterly uselesss.

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