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December 06, 2019


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Looks to be around 100 years ago.
The Benson footbridge was built in 1914.
So some time after that; but not many years by looking at the auto.
I can't tell if parts of the roof top of the lodge are in the photo, or not. It was completed in 1925.
I judge the photo would date to around 1915-1925.

An amazing picture. Thanks.

I'm guessing that this was pre-lodge, that the lodge would be where all of that brush is in the picture. This works, especially if the road is an early version of the Columbia Gorge Highway (Hwy 30). The lodge sits right next to the old highway.

You can see a trail starting up the hill next to the signpost on the left side of the picture. Probably before much was developed beyond the trails.

Why is the car painted camouflage? Could this have been during World War One? Another clue?

The sign on the door says "Military Highway Scout Kar"( yes "K") in the center it says "Service First" In 1917 Kissel Motor Cars of Wisconsin sent the camouflaged KisselKar on a tour of the West Coast from Seattle to San Diego, and as reported in the Oregonian 10/7/1917 people of Portland saw the car in the city and on the Columbia River Highway. The car was photographed at every important point on the road, and the photos appeared in advertisements all over the country over the course of the next year (1918), and the car spent about 1 month in Oregon. Kissel Motors built trucks for the military, and there is also story of Kissel in 1917 also scouting a West Coast route to get up and down the West Coast rapidly.

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