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December 10, 2019


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Going to miss him in morning

What Dave said up there!

34 years in the radio biz is amazing (I did 22 years and that was way more than enough.) But 34 years at one station...whew...especially when you consider that he worked many of those years for Clear Channel/iHeart Media.

But John was much more than an outstanding radio personality, at KGW he ran what was easily the best news shop in the city. That was back in the days when every real radio station had at least two or three people dedicated to news.

As I remember, John had seven or eight people on his staff at KGW, every one of them a real news person, most of them spent a lot of time on the street doing real reporting.

They aren't making radio people like John anymore...just button pushers who probably couldn't operate a typewriter.

Thanks for all the years, John, we will miss you...

Best morning radio announcers in town. I listened way back to KGW days and Craig,

maybe he couldn't compete with the 2 months of Christmas music every year?

I worked with John at GW but on the TV side. KGW radio studios were located right next to our newsroom on the second floor. It was John who stuck his head into the door way and announced one evening that "there was a United Airlines "Heavy" circling PDX and dumping fuel in some sort of trouble". We headed that way. United 173 eventually crashed in SE Portland and KGW was the first news crew on the scene. ,On March 16 1980, it was John and his crew that alerted us that a large hole was spotted in the summit of Mt St Helens, the very first evidence of the eventual May 18th eruption.

These are only two examples of John's drive to always be {on top) of the news. He makes it look easy and with the voice and style that puts the listener at ease.

You will be missed my friend by many. Go now and have a great retirement you have certainly earned it.

john, the man has been in the business over 50 years.. seems he started while barely out of diapers, but most people retire after 30.. I presume he is tired. And as for two months of christmas music, give them a few years, therell be decorations up in march, down in January, and music about as long.. the greed, it seems, is infinite. Personally, I understand the desire to get out while still at the top and commend him, as well as will miss hearing him. Best to him in his WELL erned retirement!!

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