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December 02, 2019


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EXACTLY CORRECT!!! And so many people whine and complain about the number of homeless.. yet, while refusing to do anything for them, and believing Orange Sh*tStain, and Moscow Mitchie are so holy... I spent a year on the streets, turned 50 that year, and it was not easy to find a place that I could afford then. Now, its going to be damn near impossible in a couple of years when I get out of here, and start needing one, particularly as a senior, on SSI..

36,000 for a new car! lololololololol! im still driving my 4x4 ranger I bought for 14,000 stupid is as stupid does! oh how bout those timbers???? LOLlol!

I made 5.00 and hour and survived?????

$7.25 is the federal minimum wage, a wage that has been overridden by state laws in most US states.

Oregon's minimum wage is $12.50 inside the UGB and $11.00 in the rest of the state. That means that the guy running the burger-flipping machine at Mickey Ds (a job that takes about 15 minutes to learn) in the Greater Portland Metro is making $26,000 a year.

$26,000 a year is a pretty good wage for an entry-level job that requires no skill beyond what Mickey D's will teach you. No, you can't live well on $12.50 an hour, but you can get by while you improve your skills so you can get a real job when you hit 22 or 23.

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