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December 01, 2019


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This is flat out BS.

I use two types of insulin. One variety costs $73 per pen and the other costs $133 per pen. I can buy three-and-a-half sets of two pens for $700.

Can we say Big Pharma Theft and Greed?Ought to be a method to go up to Canada, or down south of the border, buy meds ib bulk, decent prices, and bring it back to sell at a decent, affordable cost.

if people would only eat better and get the normal amount of excersise, we could do away with things like this!

john, not always.. the body naturally wears out, and with that, there are things that become necessary, such as some meds. I have been turning from Western to Eastern for years, and thr Chinese are way better!! Not to mention they arent out for screw you megabucks, aka Big Pharma..

john, how do you figure that people contract diabetes because of heredity. Or, better yet, how do you account for people who are diagnosed with diabetes type 2, who aren't overweight and had no family history of the disease...like me.

When I was first diagnosed, my doctor sent me to diabetes education. Two women in my group were underweight and had no family history and they still contracted diabetes. The diabetes educator said that it can and does happen that way.

It may make you feel like you're some kind of tough dude to make the type of comment you posted, but it doesn't. It just shows your ignorance.

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