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December 06, 2019


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That's what they get for putting a bone-head jock in GM's chair/office.
Sales Manager is bad enough, but disc jockey....holy crap!!

Has all KGW gone the way of decent entertain,ment? AM radio has been schlock for years, but ....IMO, when KISN went off the AM waves, and no decent KVAN, there was no AM.

What happened to AM radio, Jann was something called FM radio...at least for music. When people started listening to FM radio in their cars, the writing was on the wall for AM music. AM fidelity was fine for speech (talk radio, sports radio, paid religious ripoffs,) but it really sucked by comparison for music.

So, what has happened to FM radio? Something called the Internet with its Spotify and Pandora and smart speakers and there's also satellite radio. I hate to tell you this, but terrestrial radio is dying, Jann. It will probably cease to exist even in our remaining lifetimes

And the KGW call still exists. You'll find it on your TV.

only thing 620 am is good for is 2 1/2 months of hillsboro hops baseball!

AM radio is getting an unfair description. KGW and KISN were fun stations in their time. This is where most everyone listened to Rock & Roll, POP and the Top 40 of the day, now referred to as the “Golden Oldies” It was later that FM radio’s popularity started drowning out AM radio airplay. But for those of us who had our home radio consoles and our portable transistor radios when on the go, it was the soundtrack
of our lives. A happier, more innocent time. I loved seeing the KISN DJs in the corner building that was street level, which had a glass front, so you could see the DJs playing the hits live on West Burnside.
These days, if they still had DJs doing this, they’d probably be shot up in a driveby or by some violent nut.

Barbara...As I recall, the story back in the day was that a shot or two had been taken at the "Window on the World." Supposedly the glass was bulletproof.

I never work at KISN, so I can't say for sure, but that was the story that was told around the radio business. Maybe Dave can fill us in.

Joel: I was shot at on a Friday night. The bullet went above my head, hit the mirror behind the jock chair and crushed it. We broadcasted from the transmitter until Tuesday when the owner refused to replace the glass with bulletproof material. It was not the cost, the BP glass would not be clear like regular glass for drivers to see in.

Omgs!!Some wackaloo actually shot at you!!! HAD to be some paranoidly jealous boyfriend, or wannabe bf, I recall Dave being quite the looker back then.. I think had they been wise, and not so concerned about pockets, they could have considered other materials that were see through, yet safe for the djs. Now acrylic, as in fish tanks, is quite popular, as used by the guys on the now cancelled "Tanked". Glad you were ok, Mr S!!!

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