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January 19, 2020


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im sure if he ran, the democratic party would fully back him!

Whatever happened to your no politics pledge from a year or so ago? So I am assuming that you would be much happier to pay for free health care/free college/free day care/free this and that, all the while paying massive increases in your energy costs due to the ‘global climate catastrophe’. Because that is what the Dems have promised. And of course your taxes will never go up.......right.

They say that there is a sucker born every minute and you are proving that adage to be true. I sure hope that you continue to enjoy living in the liberal utopia that is Portland. I am sure that you just love paying for services not rendered and homeless campers outside your door. I bet that you are looking forward to the freeway tolls and the higher taxes to support trains that no one rides and all of the other feel-good scams that Kate, Chloe, and the rest of the liberal freak show politicians have planned for you. They rely on suckers like you so don’t disappoint them. Resist!

hey sam, I was also hoping for that to be true, but with this being election year I knew that it wouldn't last. contrary to certain opinions, I enjoy this site even without the politics.

Damn! I thought john was stupid, but there are people who make him look like a stable genius.

This Sam the Clam does have his Trump impersonation down well. He lies like it means nothing. And the clown who uses the Chevy Chase moniker on other threads is likewise a true moron.

I'd expose Clam's lies for what they are but intelligent people know they are lies and Clam and friends are too dense to understand.

I think the Clam is Chuckie.

Personally, I am so sick and tired of hearing the constant Democrat/ liberal bashing BULLSHITE, and the holier than thou tales of how Caet BoneSpurs has been so misaaligned, I could PUKE. GROW THE F&^K UP!!! This site is NOT for children to whine, and snivel, tell mama to wipe your noses, and change your nappies. Dave, Mr Stump, I believe it is time to 100% Banish ALL political horseshit, for good, and I also apologise to you, Mr Stump, for my choice of terminology. I was raised around railroaders from birth, and have been with bikers since I was 21, and we are near the same age, 34...I do have manners. and I appreciate this blog, just not some of the less than qualified to opine.. Agreeed Joel.

OK Joel I am listening. What did I say that was wrong? I have watched every Dem debate so far and it has been nothing but pessimism and non-stop promising of ‘free’ stuff. I don’t necessarily like Trump but the Dems, both locally and nationally, have gotten so brazen and don’t even hide the fact that they want to control every aspect of our lives.

Add to the fact that they are essentially all reading from the same playbook and there is very little difference between their policy positions. Except maybe for old Joe, but we know who will run the show IF he could somehow get elected. Do you think that the radical left would let him revert to old school Clinton era middle of the road liberalism? That ship has sailed and he would have zero support if he even tried.

I'm constantly amazed at those who are so anxious to post their ignorance here.'Democrats would fully back him'? The old 'Sucker born every minute'? John and Sam, which party is currently responsible for giving us our current ignorant gangster?

A true modern day liberal there scuddie. Don’t argue the FACTS, but attack the messenger.

sam yup, its been happening here for years, I don't do the name calling and belittling of others here, that's the difference between us and them.

Okay, Clam. Your first paragraph is pure, unadulterated bull crap. Not even close to every Democrat wants to give away everything. That's what people who buy into Trump's lies say. There are basically two candidates who are spewing that line. Biden, who has led the Democrat field for months doesn't go along with it at all.

As for climate change, that is fact. It is not believed by the Trumpublicans who have absolutely nothing to back up their Luddite position. Virtually every climate scientist in the world says climate change is causing major problems, the melting of the ice caps. And who gives a crap if we do have to pay more for our electricity. That sure beats the alternative.

Dave doesn't live in Portland. So, you're wrong there too. If you don't like it here, then move your ass somewhere else. I hear Louisiana and Alabama or Kentucky would fit you nicely.

As for the trains you claim no one rides, you obviously haven't been on one lately. Be stupid, vote for Trump, you'll lose.

john, go have a few more six packs.. or half racks. YOU are one of the first to jump on, and try to rive, the "Libtard' wagon. YOU are evercritical of ANYTHING a non Cadet BoneSpurs fan does, or says, where every time the crook craps his drawers, like daily, or close, you are all over the worship, like Tammy Faye Bakker and makeup!! I agree with Joel, and scuddie, maybe youd be better off moving to the Bible Belt.. they think (??) like you.

Sam, present some actual facts instead of the usual, right wing generalities and 'alternate facts', and I'll address them.

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