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January 17, 2020


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Starr was removed as president of Baylor College (a Texas school, no less) for ignoring allegations regarding sexual assault by members of the football team. All in all, I think that makes him the perfect counsel for Dotard.

But where's Rudy.

Clinton committed perjury to Congress you liberal twit.

Yes! Yes genius of historical documents he did ! After finding nothing on the land deal, he moved on to lying over a blow job. In comparison of Trumps lies and the crime of extortion, makes that little hummer look like small ..... you finish it.

John Cocktosen, I would think that we attract more than mental microbes here to this blog, there are intelligent discussions, but then we get such maturities as 'liberal twit'.. a half step up from 'Libtard'.. and with that last name.....

Mr. Stump your Trump Derangement Syndrome makes you and drunk JannM continue to look like imbecilic twits. Also why are you interested in President Trump's phallus?

Clinton took himself down with over the bj. no help needed! and to think, I actually voted for him! doh!

John ... Other than his blowjob, we had a great economy, balanced budget and no kids fighting senseless wars . You picked the right horse

Thank you, Mr Stump. John C, I never had to attempt to drag myself out of the bottom of any containers, nor have I remained there, as you obviously have. The deranged are those who continue to chug the Flav R Ade from the WH..May the fates be kind.

mr. stump I remember the 90's but you cant compare then to now can you? less than 4% unemployment? a 50 year low. stock markets at all time highs, a tax cut (imagine that) allowing people to keep more of the money they earn ending the mistake that was nafta, creating millions of new jobs! even though I voted for Clinton, you cant disagree now is a better time! and only the return of the Portland beavers would top that off! maybe I should write him a letter! lol!

Yeah john, low unemployment and a stock market that's high. Thanks, Barack Obama. The numbers started up in 2009, although you hero Dumb Dotard refuses to admit it. You don't have a significant position in the market (if you have any position), so who gives a good crap about the stock market.

Wages have continued to stagnate and taxes are up for middle-class Americans. The only people who have seen real tax breaks are the richest Americans.

You do need to do some research for your self and quit putting so much faith in Trump's lies. In addition, Dotard has not brought back manufacturing and mining jobs as he promised he would. Trump made a list of 60 premises that he said he would fulfill. The fact is that he has broken 43 percent of them and compromised another 15 percent. Yet, there are people like you who continue to suck the dainty little mushroom.

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