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January 23, 2020


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I've been going there for 25 years and it used to be really jumping. I wish they never remodeled the place; it was a great time capsule. But they did and now it's on the brink of becoming our own Dead Mall.

The mall proper may be dying, but the surrounding area is thriving. There are 80+ stores in the complex, including several good-sized stores Ross, Winco, Best Buy, Tuesday Morning, and Powell's. There's also the adjacent New Seasons and a 16 screen theater.

Vancouver Mall seems to be doing fairly well as far as I can tell.

Dead malls are such a thing that there are several channels on YouTube devoted to nothing but dead malls. Some malls, however, continue to thrive...Washington Square, for instance. Every time I go to the Square (or Square Too) there seems to be a new store or two.

It seems that the once lucrative mall business is slimming down and only a very few major regional malls will survive. Eastport Plaza and Jantzen Beach Mall had to be re-purposed. Mall 205 and Cedar Hills Crossing are moribund. Once fancy local strip centers like Cedar Hills Shopping Center and Tigard Plaza are dumps.

I did every bit of this year's Christmas shopping online. Time goes by.

It was better off as an airport

Cedar Hills Crossing is thriving and expanding and is a premier destination. On the exterior stores. The inside has been like that since it remodeled back in 2002.

I know many merchants struggling. Rents are all outrageous in these centers

oh noooooo, whats to become of the valley girls now?

The chain doors look like the last time I went to Jantzen Beach, years ago.... sad.

In the eighties and nineties we had a terrific double space right before the entrance to GI Joes, as Mr.& Ms. Hair Design. It was just Beaverton Mall back then and a super busy mall. We could move several thousand dollars of retail on a weekend. The folks that bought it from us relocated due to rising rents and too many rules from mall mgmt.

Looks a lot like what I saw at Lloyd Center last weekend. The only draws are Barnes and Nobles, Macys, and the Ice Rink. And Macy's has done a huge change widening the aisles and significantly reducing countertop items. Food court with few decent offerings.

The once large and nice ice rink was made smaller, is the bridge, 2.0, there? Id go to Barnes and Noble, but I love Powells better. How about Cinnabon?

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