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January 12, 2020


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There are, if I count correctly, nine patties, four chicken nuggets, fries, and the fixins for cheeseburgers. I could eat for days. No idea what is on the bottom...

They look like unfried JoJo Spuds, Jann.

If you are every in Celje Slovenia stop in and take the "Fat Joe Challenge" at Stari Pisker. If you can eat this towering burger and the side of fries and onion rings in less than 30 minutes it's free, or you will pay 50 Euro, or about $56 US. Here is what this 6 pound meal includes. 10 beef patties (4 pounds) - Bun 3.5 oz.- Bacon 10.5 oz.- cheese 5.5 oz.- cream cheese spread 2.5 oz.- lettuce, onion 3.5 oz.- fries 5.3 oz. and sauce 1.75 oz. Bon Appetit

while I love a good burger! (one that fits in my mouth) this is just a mess!

Professional eater Randy Santel took the challenge, and finished the burger and sides in 11 minutes & 46 seconds.

May be steak fries, but very underdone, if cooked at all.. way too much for 99% of people.

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