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February 11, 2020


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Ive used every one of these, the drivers ed piece didnt have a windscreen when I was there, and we also had a standard gear shifter and clutch they could pop out to teach that. I had to buy a stick to learn!Love the Coke dispenser!

Jann, I don't think the car dashboard had anything to do with drivers ed. It was a toy.

JannM: Joel is correct this is a child's toy from the early 1960's call the "Playmobile Dashboard" it was a battery operated toy that had working wipers, turn signals, a horn that honks, and a motor sound. If you want to see a original TV commercial, or several videos of this toy for sale on Ebay just search "Playmobile Dashboard" on YouTube.

It is very similar to what we had in the early 70s, classroom ed for drivers ed. By the point of taking this, I had been driving, illegally, for 4 yr, but never in a standard transmission vehicle. Boy, was I bad in that simulator!I bought a 4 speed Opel at 18, and a friend taught me to drive it.

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