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February 28, 2020


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At times like these, I'm really grateful for writers like this who are so good at articulating and summarizing the disaster of this administration. Yeah, the party of Nixon, Goldwater, and Reagan who during the cold war and subsequent years after tried to warn us Boomers of the commies hiding under our beds. Look at them now.

And what happened to the Tea Party? Trump promised to eliminate the deficit in 8 years. Well after 3 years he's made his job a lot tougher by adding well over 3 trillion to it. Gee, was the Tea Party's real issue the fact that we had a dark skinned man with a funny, foreign-like name in the White House?

Take note, if you will, of the looks on the faces of Melania, who appears to me as if she would love to regurgitateall over the grinning idiot on her left, and the man to the right of the photo, who seems to be between revulsion, and humour.. #TangerineFuhrer has been setting us up since the beginning discussion of campaigning to hand us over, lock, stock, barrel, and WH, to Mother Russia, and his papa, Putin. And Pence is more braindead than Frankensteins creation, preactivation. No wonder I didnt want kids after I hit 27. This is the frightmare we are leaving future generations to.. I am truly sorry.

Always entertaining to read the rantings of one who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome..... You losers will have to suffer for at least 4 more years of President Trump's greatness!!

Someone doesn't know the meaning of the word Patriot. A Patriot will never support a traitor like Dotard.

The Patriots were the 332 representatives who voted to impeach the asswipe-in-chief and the 48 senators who voted to convict. It will be good to be rid of the Orange Menace on Jan 20, 2021.

A. "Patriot", the true definition of Dump Derangement Syndrome is 'one who is utterly blinded by the continuous flood of lies and fabrications by #TangerineFuhrer". As you obviously are, delusional.

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