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February 26, 2020


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I understand this menu is likely from 50+ years ago (1965-ish ??).
Nonetheless, the items/prices seem mind boggling low.
Amazing to me.

Used to love this place!! One of the lost greats at the late LLoyd Centre Mall... ah, the things the under 50 set has no idea theyre missing out on.... and Yaw's, Boc's....

We went to Mr. C's only once when I was a kid. My mother had heard they had a great Reuben Sandwich and my mother loved Rueben's. She thought her sandwich was horrible, not the kind you got at Rose's, and we never went to Mr. C's again.

African burger was raw hamburger meat.

raw hamburger? yikes no wonder they closed! people die from that!

The menu does state the African burger was raw meat, but not much difference from tartare, and ground meats back then werent as poorly tended to, as they are now.. Facilities are not as well kept.

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