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February 17, 2020


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that would make ne nervous seeing my car lifted up in the air like that!

I recall one of these downtown around SW Park (9th) and Oak.
This must be mid-1950's. I see Chevs, Olds, Buicks, Fords of
that period.

This was on SW Stark between 9th & Park

I think some of the steel girders against the wall in back are still there, but have been cut shorter and used now as supports for a billboard.

ORVIL E. DAVIS' PIGEON HOLE PARKING INC. on S.W. Stark St., between 9th Ave. & Park Ave., opened June 13, 1952. The mechanical parker handled 72 cars.

Oregonian ad from June 14, 1952: FIRST IN PORTLAND! PIGEON HOLE PARKING. World's Fastest, Safest Parking Facility -- S.W. 9th at Stark. Drive Your Car In...STOP IT...LOCK IT...No One Ever Touches It.

PIGEON HOLE PARKING is a serve-yourself plan. Carrier automatically moves it to individual Pigeon Hole. Inspect It...Try It...TODAY...You'll be SOLD on Pigeon Hole Parking!

Leave packages or valuables in the car. Service while you're away if desired...Park for a few minutes or all day. Come In Soon!

Fast...because...No Waiting...Your Car parked or delivered in less than one minute.

Safest...because...No Damaged Cars. No one drives your car but you. No two cars can ever touch, therefore no dents or scratches.

Most Secure...because...Theft Proof...You may lock your car when you drive in.

Photo from 1955.

I love the "No Waiting" line since waits were one of the things that killed pigeon-hole parking. Show up at the end of the workday and you'd be at the back of the line with a wait of ten, 15, or more minutes to get your car. The device only handled one car at a time and it wasn't fast.

I used to park a 3/4 extended bed van in places where people swore Id never get it in or out of, but I would never attempt, or contemplate, one of these!!Especially not up high. Somebody else could do it for me!

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