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February 25, 2020


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what plaque? you mean trophy?

She (and family) are the plague.

John reread the the caption. Plague is a contagious disease. Plaque is a ornamental tablet.

plaque? 5 more years snowflakes!

Over hitting it with Ma Anand Sheela, and that ilk? Needs to stay there permanently.

no scott that was the obamas worst hosx on the American voter!

dg, I know what it said, he changed it! when this post first came up it said plaque, even mr. stump can have a typo! lol!

Give it up john. You Trumpturds have always had problems with simple things like reading and knowing fact from fiction.

Since you're such a Dotard backer, maybe you'd like to go to Singapore where the temperatures are 80 to 90 degrees and they're having a massive problem with coronavirus. You can tell us how that thing works where Dotard says not to worry, the coming heat will kill the virus.

From time-to-time I could swear a headline (or text) changes. Don't recall any specific examples.
I know it happened here.
DEFINITELY originally was plaque, with a Q. Which I read over and over and over and never could understand.
Later changed to plague, with a G.
Now easy to understand. Just more Hate-Trump speech. This place is loaded with it!

It still says PLAGUE, a DISEASE, as in #TangerineFuhrer, your idull..and the word you mangled here is spelle hoAx.. $ more years of #Tangerine Fuhrer would be like Adolph having won WWII..by the way, your Nazi buddies coined the term snowflakes for the ashes of burning Jews. So, go be a snowflake, tangerine boy. I will never respect anyone who knows that and continues to use the term.

Claims the term "snowflake" dates back to World War II Germany, where Nazi soldiers used it to refer to the remains of people incinerated in concentration camps. Earlier this year, Snopes debunked this theory based on lack of concrete data.

yes bill it changed after my first post saying plaque..., im sure mr. stump changed it after that. no worries nobody is perfect!

Actually, the term snowflake, when used as other than a flake of snow, has a long and storied past.

But the use of snowflake to refer to someone who thinks he is special (an apt definition of Trumpturds actually), originated right here in Portland in Chuck Palahniuk's cult-favorite book Fight Club.

A member of the anti-consumerist Project Mayhem (the real-life Cacophony Society) tells the other members: "You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone, and we are all part of the same compost pile." In other words, don't be acting like you're something special and better than the rest of us.

So, it's actually pretty funny that one of the Trumpturd's favorite names to call was created by a gay guy, one of the people the Trumpturds love to hate.

Interesting, Snopes has been proven to have false info on occasion, and I was told by WWII vets that the term was used derogatorily by Nazis.. thats where I get my info.. Snopes is like Wikipedia, only as good as the info fed in....

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