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February 11, 2020


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She apparently thought it'd be worth a try. She refused to participate in any of the sequels.

Even during the filming of the series, Tina Louise was so despised by the other members of the cast that on breaks she was left to her own devices. The other castmembers would have lunch and take breaks together, but Louise was never invited.

I loved Tina Louise as Ginger, but find it so sad that women in Hollywood are virtually forced to over-plasticize themselves in order to stay "young", like young is something one can strive for. I bet the beautiful Tina would have aged gracefully if she hadn't gone under the knife.

Other scary examples of too much plastic surgery: Arnold Swartzenwhatever, Christie Brinkley, who looks beautiful from afar but scary plastic doll up close... How sad to be so dependent on your looks you think that's all there is to you. Guess there are upsides to not growing up as the prettiest girl in town.

Interesting, her euyes were a very prety green then, now shes got a funny blue.. Tina Louise got ery upset, 'ose way out of joint', when she learned she was one of an ensemble, not THE STAR, as it was " GILLIGAN'S Island", and if I recall, was thinking of walking, but her agent changed her mind. Loved how she, MaryAnn, and the Howells all had such expansive wardrobes, on a three hour tour...

never liked her as much as mary ann.

What I've read said that Tina thought she was The Star and should be treated like The Star, not part of a group of actors and crew working towards a common goal. She snubbed the others because she thought she was too good to be on the show, proving the saying "There are no small parts, just small actors".

The Howells were my favorites! I loved Thurston and Lovey, who were both acclaimed actors/comedians in real life.

The girls still look very nice in this shot!!
Otherwise, not so much.
BUT, she's still alive.
Good for her!!

Dawn Wells is 81 and still looks good. Tina Louise looks half dead.

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