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March 26, 2020


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thanks china!

What happened to common decency and being kind to one another? As a senior citizen, I'm just amazed at the way society has changed, and not for the better. I am embarrassed and sickened by it. I feel very sorry for my grandsons growing up in this America.

nothing like paying 65 dollars just to wait in that line! lol! not for me!

Seems to me all one needs is a little problem, and everyone forgets their decency behind the toilets at home.. our generation was raised with decency and manners, and it disgusts me that idiots such as these are allowed out in public. And over things at Costco? Could be worse, they could be fighting, I guess. Grow up, all of you who act like this!!! I doubt mama's around to hold you widdle hand any longer. Dad sure isnt, and I dont care about mom, she passed, too.. yay.Sorry, we werent close.

I love how the Trump Squad is trying desperately to make COVID-19 the Chinese disease, hence john's ignorant comment above. Here's something to think about. Three cases of COVID have been reported aboard the US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt at sea. US aircraft carriers don't stop at Chinese ports.

There are also cases among the record-shattering 100,000 in the US that can't be traced to China. Go figure.

And what difference does it make where this all originated if Covid 19 was just a HOAX? Donjohn and his F-Troop administration's lack of response and preparedness is the reason for where we are right now.

Joel, in truth, how often does john have a non #NightmareCarrot, or true statement to make here? I think pigs fly more...

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