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March 23, 2020


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Still the best cab company in Portland, IMO.. very few rude drivers, unlike Broadway..

Radio Cab is OK but can't hold a candle to Broadway Cab.

Since I can't drive, I use cabs a fair amount. Here's a trick: Use smaller companies -- Green Cab, Orange Cab, Union Cab. Your business is much more important to them and they will go further to please you.

I do find that Radio Cab has English speaking drivers. I've had Broadway/Sassy Cab (It's the same company) drivers who could barely communicate with me. One time I had a Broadway driver with an English vocabulary of around 100 words...maybe 75...or 50.

Medical Transport is all Broadway?Sassys, sadly.. one driver I had returning from the ED,drove, if it could be called that, like he had the whole city as his road, I pointed out the no turn here sign, heturned, and proceeded to yell at me, 'B^%$h, YOU NO TELL ME HOW TO DRIVE!!!' Oh, no, you didnt! I set off and rolled like a 150 car train with 6 engines, no brakes, and a 45 degree downhill. Called the cops, who proceeded to pander to him, turned hm in to the supervisors at N/NE precinct, and got the freak fired next day. Last straw. I prefer Radio, or Union.

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