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March 13, 2020


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im not sure I get the chineese restaurant part?

Congrats, Dave, ya made the deadline!!! My heartwife taught me how to make good coffee, I also like Keurig. Sadly, people now require Mr Coffee type machines, Keurigs, or Starbucks.. you do still remember on the stove percolators? Theres the way to get superiour coffee, with the good grinds.. Folgers, Maxwell House, etc. Luck to ya!

Love Corona. Good tip.

john, the Chinese restaurant line is a reference to another lie told by your president who tried to make coronavirus the Chinese virus. His minions quit drinking Corona Beer and eating at Chinese restaurants because Dotard had called corona a foreign virus.

Joel, and Mr Stump, I get urban dictionary daily, they have been on a roll with their new vocabulary.. todays is 'Down in the Trumps', the depression one feels wen one thinks about how f*&(ed the current regime, shall we say, is leaving the world. I think you may enjoy these, as well as I. And I, too, am not a beer enthusiast, not for 34, almost 35, yr.. Ill take a few fingers of Jamesons, or Baileys, for St Paddys..

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