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March 22, 2020


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so you were at the library? did they give them up without a fight?

Doesnt seem much of a loss, dollar tree readers. Even then, theyre overpriced. I retired from the business.

that's interesting jann what did you do? my wifes been an optician for 35 years

I was ABOC, and sold many pairs, not to mention making a boatload while training in college. I worked for Drangstveit Optical, used to be on NW 23rd near Kornblatts, and the clinic across from PCC Cascade, now a gym, which was a collaboration between PCC and Pacific Univ. I get a laugh out of the type hired by places such as America's Best, 'oh, thats these tags, theyre all over there.' Dont HELP, dont see how the fit is, etc.... NOT opticians.

my wife has been at opticraft in gresham since the 1980's

We used CB when I was at PCC/Pacific, though we did send some jobs to OptiCraft.. Love the optical companies!!! My forte was more selling, I could talk people into two and three pair so well, the boss was amazed. And I wasnt pushong, just pointing out day, sports, computer, etc wear.

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