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March 28, 2020


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Tips accepted....

In Los Angeles, the oral love available from the Institute was talk. All talk, no action. You could probably get more for your money in Portland at Ginger's Sexy Saunas (later Sexy Reading Rooms.)

lol! sorry you would know that joel!

It's on the Internet john. If you'd learn to use Google you'd know a lot of things you have wrong.

For instance, you'd know that the attendance at Beaver games had dropped to three figures...on the good nights. You'd also know that your Dear Dotard is a criminal prick who will be jailed when he is out of office next January.

I guess Forrest Gump was correct. Stupid is as stupid does.

in 2002 the Portland beavers drew a record 454,197 fans when you do the math. joel you might need some help here, over 70 games. that's 6,488 fans per game! oopsie the king is wrong again! even in their last year before soccers infestation they drew 294,000 math is hard for some.....

Last seasons of Baseball were comp tickets to sell food. Every seat in the stadium today is paid for. As much as I could care less about soccer, that’s just the truth.

Soccer still sucks. And the Blazers will probably be leaving soon, if Jody Allen can find a buyer.So, we will be stuck with soccer as the only "sport" here. And john, Joel is 100% corect, there is a newfangled thing on your computer called Google. You can go on there, and ask all sorts of things, and it will tell you what you want to know. Learn a lot on there.. I use it often.

john, in their final ten years in Portland, the Beavers had four owners. Why do you think that is? Could it be because the club was a money-losing venture?

If you dug deeper than the stat pages, you'd learn that the Beavers were comping major numbers of tickets and still weren't putting butts in the seats. The number quoted on the stat sites came from club management and was probably the number of tickets they'd handed out. By the by, "attendance" during the final years was about half of what you quoted for 2002 and the Beavers were still handing out tickets like candy to the kiddies on Halloween.

The concessionaire at the stadium was running only a couple of windows because there was no one there to buy anything. The hawkers working the "crowd" were few and far between.

I attended several games during the final seasons and I can guarantee you the attendance came nowhere near 6500. A gathering that large would fill about a third of the stadium. If attendance filled five percent of stadium seats it would have been a miracle.

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