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March 29, 2020


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ebola came and went! and so will this no matter how hard they try! it will end!

The late psychic Sylvia Browne, who rose to big time fame on Montel Williams' programme, predicted this current crap in a book she wrote, called it W something -#, and said it was coming from China. It would hit hard, disappear, return in 10 yr, repeat, then disappear suddenly forever.

Sure john, it'll end. The question is, how soon and how many people will die before it's gone?

Your Dear Dotard is still preaching a miraculous end to it. He just had to move his end date from Easter to the end of June. What're a few weeks and several thousand deaths amongst friends?

According to Snopes Browne, in her 2008 book, "End of Days," predicted a respiratory illness would sweep across the globe. But no year and no details. Since the book immediately followed the SARS outbreak it was probably a lucky guess.

Others are crediting Nostradamus for predicting the virus in 1555, others are saying thriller author Dean Koontz predicted it in 1981 in his book "The Eyes of Darkness."

The Nostradamus prediction was originally interpreted to be of a catastrophic earthquake until it was suddenly determined to be a definitive prediction of COVID-19. The Koontz prediction was in a work of fiction and the virus named after Wuhan, China, was originally named for a Russian city.

All sorts of weird theories are being created about COVID. That always seems to happen in relation to every crisis.

and on an election year to boot! almost by design....

Nostradamus was fried on drugs, and just picked up quatrains randomly off the floor after he tossed them. He was only accurate by chance, and those were by the interpreter, the reader.

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