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March 31, 2020


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What a way to destroy a good record... better selection of tunes, but.... no.

never seen one of those. trying to figure out if that's the heater knob or trailer brakes?

This is the Philips Auto Magnon from the early 1960's that played standard 45 rpm records. Consumer reports tested it and found it did not skip on rough roads, but only played 1 record a time, which meant that after 3-4 minutes you would have to change records. RCA also made a in car record player that held 14 records.

John the slide control above the record player is most likely a heater, or air conditioner control. I have had trailer brake controllers and they never moved as much as this thing appears to, and mine were never mounted over the transmission tunnel.

This is apparently a Phillips Mignon -- sold in the US under the Norelco brand name -- that played a single 45 RPM record at a time. This meant a driver had to carry a box full of 45s and change the record every two or three minutes. Today police are worried about people talking on their mobile phones?

The stylus was also weighted to prevent skipping, but this ate up records quickly. Worse, even with the heavy-handed stylus, it skipped on rough pavement.

Other attempts to play records in the car included the Chrysler "Highway Hi-Fi" that played only proprietary records made especially for the device by CBS/Columbia. RCA also made a Victrola for cars that played both 33⅓ and 45s.

dg that's what I thought, but ive never seen a bolt on heater knob most ive seen are in the dash. this thing looks like it was bolted under the dash? I zoomed it but cant see anything like hot or cold...

My father had one in his Cad

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