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March 27, 2020


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Did you hear Cheesecake Factory has essentially told their employees to fuck themselves, all the money they pull in, and they cant be bothered to help during this horseshit? I had wanted to go one day, Ive heard their food is very good. and theres also cheesecake.. pits on em, Ill stay home and make my own cheesecakes!! Love to cook, anyway. And Id MUCH rather spend my money at a place where the employees are cared about.

And I'll continue reading until they stick one in me. Thank you for playing a part in keeping us entertained and informed.

I’m reading The Fifth Risk by Lewis. It’s great

Jann, Cheesecake Factory is like an expensive Denny's. You aren't missing anything.

Like all thinking people, I was shocked to read the latest poll showed more people have approved of the abominable way trump has handled the avoidable-if -he-hadn't-completely-bungled-it pandemic. But then I remembered back when Tylenol was being randomly poisoned -and why we now safety seal products- Tylenol sales went UP! Yes, people can be that stupid.

I participate in the worldwide YouGov.com surveys, and highly recommend joining (you can earn gift cards, but I do it because it's interesting). Our last survey included thoughts on how the Cheeto-faced SG was handling/bungling the pandemic and our country, and I bet you money the results will not show approval, but massive disgust.

One YouGov survey showed that Germany hates trump even more than Americans do. I figure they know an evil dictator when they see one.

My BFF turned me onto Jimmy Buffet's "The Cabin Fever Tour". He's broadcasting his old tours to keep us social distancers singing and dancing! Yay Jimmy!


Mr Stump, seeing this as yesterdays post, I am pleased that you are taking the day off, and my hope is the weekend. You more than deserve it, and rest is important with this bs occurring.. As much as I do enjoy seeing all the daily posts, I would rather see you, and many of my fellow Stumpies, in good health, with us longer, than have this end due to horseshit because of peoples stupidity and sharing illness. STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY< MY FRIENDS!!!

Not to worry, presidents get good numbers during times of crisis, but they don't last. Remember how George Bush's number skyrocketed to 92 percent right after 9/11. Daddy Bush's numbers went up to 89 percent when Iraq tried to take over Kuwait, and then Bill Clinton clobbered him. Even Jimmy Carter's numbers doubled when the embassy was seized in Tehran and then he lost in a landslide to Reagan.

Trump's numbers only increased by a couple of points. That's how much Americans despise the POS. And look at the good side. A large majority of Americans don't trust a word he's saying about COVID.

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