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April 08, 2020


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If I'm seeing this right, wouldn't Madison High be on the left at the top of the hill?

It looks like it was soon to be four lanes.

I agree with scuddie's comment about location of Madison HS.
Also, Les Schwabe would be on right just ahead of the shot.

You are correct. At the bottom of the hill on the left at the white building is Tillamook St. Lived close by. Field became Glenhaven School as I remember.

Agreed with scuddie, though I believe Madison would be on the right.. I used to pass Madison daily enroute to work in the early 80s, I taught school near the old Eastgate Theater.

Madison definitely on left.
On right is carpet store. I believe called Great Floors.
They feature a bull in their ads!

Ok, are we looking north, or south? If south, my lack of directional sense has appeared as usual.

Jann...I'm a lifelong Westsider and even I know that this is looking north on 82nd from Halsey. We used to go to airport out the Banfield to 82nd and under the Halsey overpass. South from 82 and Halsey, you don't have the hill.

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