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April 29, 2020


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Never had the chance to meet the woman, but I heard from many who did that the term 'bitch' was a courtesy for her.. when she was in town filming "Kansas City Bomber", I knew people who had gotten an interview, taped, set up, she refused nastily because they were 'F*&king high school kids', and people at the Kenton Club were, ah, somewhat less than impressed by her haughty air when she was there. There were some very quality people there, not just a bunch of barflies and drunks. She was derisive with all. Beauty here was only skin deep.

Somehow Jann, I'm not surprised.

It is unfortunate, it seems that so many who become known for their looks never develop past them, either brains or personality, and often they develop the opinion that because they are thought as so good looking, even the shittiest of behaviour will be accepted. I prefer a good personality, and manners.. even though I dont use mine 100% of the time, I do have decent manners.

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