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April 06, 2020


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$51.30 (taxes and services included) to sit on the couch?

I didn't think I knew anyone who had gotten the virus until immediately after reading your post, I got an email from one of my doctors. She and her mother-in-law are fine, thank God, but it's been a rough three weeks for both of them. Neither have gotten tested, even her MIL, who is in her 80's and was seen at emergency with all the covfefe-19 symptoms. Guess only rich people get tested. My doctor's other patients who also had it/something are also healing. This must be why she closed her practice sooner than anyone else- and why she warned it was coming and it was serious.

I was already taking it seriously because we don't have competent leadership. The moron who fired the global pandemic response units in 2017 wants to open up Easter services, like people can't get sick or infect others just on that one day? All he cares about is "winning" the election, by hook, crook, and Russia, and making money, be it laundered or grifted from us taxpayers. Vote BLUE and push for Vote By Mail for ALL! Even Voldemort says Republicans will never win again if Vote By Mail for all is approved. Harder for them to cheat that way.

From my doctor:

There may be 2 viruses or at least 2 different primary ways the virus hits people.
1) is the obvious (what read on CDC and other websites) - fever, cough and fatigue, then over time gets worse into breathing problems
2) fatigue and hits lungs immediately - very little coughing and little to no fever.
GI symptoms may be present in either case as well (loose bowel).

Cut out sugar, alcohol, junk carbs, and junk food NOW. Eat healthy, get plenty of rest, drink lots of water. Take the best care of yourself that you can. The pandemic should peak around May 1st.

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