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May 21, 2020


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I really have too. Just started watching Malloy & Reed again. I forgot how well it was done, over 50 years ago! And, an interesting cast of extras.

Great vintage shots of LA. Classic cars!

The very limited DirecTv here doesnt allow that channel... love Jack Webbs monotone deliveries...

As I kid, I remember watching Adam-12 in syndication on Channel 12 -- early evenings (late 70's probably).

Adam-12 failed as a comedy. It was as stiff as Jack Webb's starched suits.

Was never a comedy

was a great show back before the garbage of todays tv, and dont forget the video games designed to to show police as the bad guys! the show could never be done today!

Precisely.. They and Emergency! were posed as dramas.. Enjoyed both, but much preferred Marcus Welby, M.D.

a comedy??? really????? unbelieveable!

C'mon, people couldn't take this show seriously. Do you actually think that all the cops did was cruise around in their cars and occasionally help a kitten out of a tree?

What cops actually did was hit people with clubs when they barricaded the streets around PSU. Or the clown I went to high school with who became a Portland cop and thought that entitled him to lean on people.

Malloy and Reed were comic portrayals of real cops.

Dragnet was hilarious.

believe it or not, there was a cop in North named Charlie Brown... seriously.. he and Bob liked each other, I couldnt stand him.

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