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May 27, 2020


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Google streetview shows it being torn down in October 2016. The location was 640 Ogden ave., Downers Grove, IL. Only saw one review that said it was a great No Tell Motel, so those must be adult playrooms.

Knew a gentleman once who drove taxi in a city in Washington state. Several times a year he'd pick up an individual married into the local department store family who was leaving town on a buying trip. Actually my friend took him to a local no-tell motel where he holed up for a week - with hookers flown in from out of town. My friend picked them up at the airport, as well, for a smooth delivery back to the room. Further he made the booze and food deliveries to the room to assure absolute privacy. That gig paid really well.

Very nice gig!! King Row on 82d, and in Milwaukie, was another set of 'Playgrounds'..

DG, that whole stretch of Ogden though Downers and Westmont has modernized over the last 10 or so years.

I’ve driven by the place almost daily for 19 years on my way to work. One by one those old buildings from the 30s, 40s and 50s have succumbed to the wrecking ball so we can have more strip malls, CVS pharmacies and 5Guys burger places (that’s what replaced Duellmans and pretty much all the buildings buildings Between it and the corner).

I’m not a fan of dilapidated old buildings but I sure miss those old neon signs.

The motels along Barbur Blvd. in SW used to be pretty well-known for rooms that rented by the hour. There were a lot of motels built there when US 99 (Barbur is also US 99) was the main highway coming into Portland.

Joel--- Hwy 99 splits at Junction City Oregon into Hwy 99W & 99E. Hwy 99W takes you thru Corvallis-McMinnville-Newberg-Tigard- Portland on Barbur Blvd. Hwy 99E takes you thru Albany-Salem-Woodburn- Oregon City-Milwaukie-Portland on McLaughlin Blvd. The entire route 99W is intact, but some portions of 99E were eliminate by I-5 construction. I would think that 99E was more popular before I-5

We always went south on 99W DG. As westsiders we got on at Tigard. Sometimes we caught Oregon 18 to the coast at McMinnville, Oregon 221 to Salem at Dayton or we went south to Eugene on 99W. I don't know that 99E was ever a part of our lives except for the short stretch from SE 17th to Courtney Road in Oak Grove where my dad's mother lived.

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