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June 01, 2020


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Actually taken on a farm just outside of Sheridan. UFO experts have debunked the phots as a scale model hanging from strings and suspended from the power lines visible just above the so-called UFO.

The dubious story: Evelyn Trent was returning to the farmhouse after feeding the rabbits when she noticed the "disc." She called into her husband Paul who came out to the yard and saw the UFO. He then returned to the house and got the camera and took two pictures before the UFO sped off. That was the story told to radio station KMCM.

Two days earlier, in the local newspaper, the story had been that both were in the yeard and saw the UFO. He went to the car to get the camera but she thought it was inside. She allegedly found it and took the pictures.

Questions are raised: If the UFO was traveling at such high speed, how could Paul have come outside, seen the disc, gone back in the house, wrangled the camera, and come back out to take the pictures before the UFO sped off? Or, how could they have both had to search for the camera? Why did the UFO stick around just long enough for the Trents to get just two pictures?

Like is said, "I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night."

annnnnd 70 years later, still zero proof that aliens exist!

Take on a farm near Sheridan Oregon on May 11, 1950, but often called the McMinnville UFO photo.

I believe there are beings on other planets, what kind of Higher Power would populate this place, and not others? But Ive never bought into the stories like this. and john, you are proof that this is the insanity planet of the galaxy...return to where you and your hero were spat from

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