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June 06, 2020


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Nothing from Asia yet.

It's possible that Irv Leopold (The Importer of Fame!) may have had "Asian" cars on display in his little section... cannot confirm, though....

And, how cool that Avanti was there with its parent, Studebaker.... I always wanted one.

Looking a newspaper ads for this time only 1 exhibitor on the floor plan may have shown an Asia import vehicle. Jim Fisher advertised Toyota Land Cruiser in addition to Volvo, Hillman, and Triumph. Irv Leopold advertised Volvo and MG, but there were 2 Datsun dealers not on the floor plan selling Datsun vehicles, Kellem in Milwaukie, and Crain Hillis in Portland. In 1963 the only Honda ads were for motorcycles, and Subaru did not appear in any ads until 1968 with their model 360 microcar.

THATS where I knew the name!! I bought a used microwave, Avanti brand, it was stainless steel, and super!! I plan to buy another in the future, when I can have one again..

JannM In 1963 the Avanti was a luxury coupe built by Studebaker, and was the fastest production car at the time reaching 178 mph with it's supercharged engine, but Studebaker went out of business in December 1963, there also was a Avanti II built after Studebaker closed up. I had a friend who bought a original Avanti in 1980, and did't know much about the car before that.

Dad had a 62 Studebaker Champ pickup, had chrome grille, and he thought hed try to teach me to drive a standard.. Big mistake, two tempers/stubborn people, I left it in the neighbours driveway, and walked home. He didnt try again.

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